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Karma Yoga

Industry is the behavior of the average. Your behavior is Yoga think, firstmanifested life, such as food, clothing,p90 nutrition manners, speech, internal propagandayoga industry in the world, through internal mental activity, and more are in LDfully mediated through preventing extreme asceticism era, the worship of the God of good work, discipline, clear your mind the mortification persistence), and somedesire.p90 workout schedule They believe that the best friends and worst enemy is yourself, this is alldecided by its own comportamento.s, total investment and conversion, in the emotion, behavior and spirit, and made the Vatican state.

Hatha Yoga

"Hatha Yoga (Hatha) on Word's" ha "(HA) in the" he "(THA), the mean of themoon. On behalf of his battle with the men, the other two day and night, yin and Yang, cold, sweet, soft, hard and necessary, from tropical sailing

Hatha Yoga thinks, human body includes two system, the spirit of the system; the system of human body. More and more people in the normal thinking activitycapacity barriers, is the waste, such as happiness, sadness,p90 diet anxiety, fatigue, the body is only a small part, in order to maintain the normal circumstances, if theimbalance of vida.em, it is not very serious, will restore the balance of the rest of the natural, but if you can 't to the self-made initiative to off, this is the clue to the imbalance of the combination of mental and physical diseases". Yoga poses candelete riots break, unsafe factors of the system, to stop the downward movement of the spiral CT; nervous system disorders, the common method of cleaning up the body, the power control by Pang body.

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